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Modal box

Create buttons with custom links. Add the icon and customize the styles to make the button unique and noticeable.
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Available options

Default code: [dfd_button button_size="dfd-button-full-width" main_style="style-1" ]

Style – Choose between 5 preset styles;

Hover style – Select among 12 preset hover styles;

Button size – Set the button to the full width or normal size;

Animation on click – Allows you to have animation on click on the button, set the color for the animation;

Main button settings – Add the button and tooltip text, set button and tooltip alignment, add the URL for the button;

Custom CSS Class – Type your own unique class name for the item – this is a useful option for those who want to create a specific style.
For example, you can type custom-style class and then go to Theme options -> General Options -> Custom CSS / JS -> Custom CSS and write your own CSS code with this class to get your own style;

Animation – Select among 14 appear effects;

Icon – Choose the icon for the button, set the icon size;

Button paddings – Add the left and right paddings for the button;

Color settings – Choose the text color and icon color, also you can set the hover colors for them;

Background settings – Allows you to set button background color and its hover background color;

Border settings – Set style, color, border radius and width for the border;

Box shadow settings – Allows you to enable the box shadow for the button. You can choose shadow parameter and set the color. Also, you can set the shadow hover separately;

Typography – Select letter spacing, font size, line height and text color. You can also choose the custom font family.